The regional natural park of Simbruini Mountains

The regional park of Simbruini Mountains, established in 1983, is the largest protected area of Lazio, situated between the Provinces of Roma and Frosinone. It extends on a territory of 29,990 hectares and involves seven Municipalities situated between the 408 and 1,075m of altitude: Jenne, Subiaco, Camerata Nuova, Cervara di Roma, Filettino, Trevi nel Lazio, and Vallepietra...

Monti Simbruini


  • How to arrive
  • Info: Tel.0774.827219/827221
  • Headquarters: Via Roma 48, 00020 Jenne (Rm)

The name of Simbruini Mountains derives from the extraordinary abundance of rainfall ("sub imbribus", under the rain) which characterizes the seasonal trend, above all in Spring and Autumn, and gives life to one of the largest and most important spring networks of the Region. Therefore, water represents the major natural resource of our Park and the River Aniene its most important fluvial way.


  • The Sacro Speco

    An impressive complex of buildings which almost looks as if it is one with the surrounding rock...

To know more

  • Rocca Pia

    Built on the place where Callisto II Borgia's Castle was situated...

  • Church of St.Peter

    It was built on the rests of a roman villa...

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