The Sanctuary of Hercules

The temple of Hercules Victor is a monumental construction placed 328,08 yards out of the town walls and elevated partly over the ancient Tiburtina road. It was built between the second half of the II century B.C. up to the Augustan age and for its architectural grandiosity could be compared to the other grand contemporary temples at that time...

Il Santuario d'Ercole Vincitore

The cult of Hercules originated in Tivoli, then it was introduced by Marco Ottavio Erennio in Rome during the last republican age. He was a tiburtine merchant of oil, who after introducing the cult in the eternal city, constructed the round temple "Forum Boario" devoted to him.

Opening times and tickets

Opening times (from 23 June to 7 August 2011):

  • 10.00 - 12.00 (with expert guide)
  • The Sanctuary is available only by appointment


  • Adults: 5,00
  • Children: (0-12 years): free entrance

The price of the ticket can be greater if there are special events.
Information and booking: Pierreci - Phone 0774-382733, 06-39967700


Entrance: Via degli Stabilimenti, 5


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