Palombara Sabina

Palombara is a small ancient town situated only 37 km north-east from Rome. It's located on a hill at the foot of mount Gennaro, in the heart of the Lucretili Mountains Regional Natural Park, and surrounded by olive and cherry trees typical of the region.

Palombara Sabina

The town of Palombara Sabina

Palombara Sabina

Cherries "Ravenna" of Palombara Sabina

The cherry "Ravenna" is a typical fruit of the town of Palombara Sabina where the countryside is covered by olive and cherry trees. The fruit is round in shape and the colour of the flesh is pink tending to vinous. The flavour is excellent, sweet, persistent and texture is coarse.
Do not miss the first or second Sunday in June, the famous "Festival of Cerase" of Palombara Sabina, party enlivened by parades, folk dances, songs and exhibitions.

The old town is built around the walled castle (like all medieval towns and villages in Italy) belonging to the Savelli-Torlonia family, feudatory of the whole area, and includes ancient beautiful houses and steep narrow streets with a typical medieval structure of concentric rings. It is surrounded by cherry trees and olive trees and is famous for the production of "Sabina's olive oil".


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