The Fauna in the Simbruini Mountains

The regional park of Simbruini Mountains is the home of very unique animals, such wolf (whose presence is mainly linked to the woodlands situated between 800 and 1,600 meters of altitude), fox, wild cat, porcupine, marten, squirrel, stone-marten and wild boar.
The Park has recently started a roe and red deer reintroduction program to favor the populations of the two big carnivores.

Esemplare di cinghiale
Wild boar

Among the important birds are the golden eagle, the pellegrino hawk, the buzzard, the eagle-owl and the owl. Also the Brown Bear, living in the nearby Ernici Mountains, has been seen in this area, but its situation is not well known.

In the waters of the Aniene and the Simbrivio live "fario" trout, "barbo", and crayfish. There are many rare species of amphibians and insects.


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