The Springs of Aniene

This is a easy but very nice nature trail.
From the pretty town of Filettino, the more high town of Lazio with its 1.075 mt of altitude, follow the SP road Trevi-Filettino for about 2 km. Take the municipal cart road on the right, leading to location Fiumata, where there are a camping and a trout breeding breeding.

Sorgenti dell'Aniene
Ingrandisce foto Springs of Aniene

From here you can choose between two trails: the right path, running along the stream Riglioso, is an extremely charming and pleasant trail developing among a magnificent beech woods, where you can admire many centuries-old beech trees plunging their sculptural roots into the roaring waters of the stream.
The trail, about 3 kilometres long, climbs up to 1,169 meters of altitude, near Fonte della Radica.

The left path follows a pre-existing mule track and reaches, leaving on the left the Fountain Acqua Corore, the slopes of Colle delle Fontane (1,269 m). The trail develops about 4 kilometres with a total difference in height of about 170 m. Your walk is always accompanied by the gurgling of the stream Corore.
If you want to carry out a much more demanding tour, an old trail crossing Valle Forchitto leads to Monna della Forcina and to the Mountain Hut of Campo Ceraso. It develops about 5 kilometres with a total difference in height of about 480 m.







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