The Flora in the Simbruini Mountains

In the regional park of Simbruini Mountains are present many vegetal and animal species typical of the Appennine chain; the wealth of biological diversity is impressive: more than 1000 species of plants have been have been registered in the park, of which 79 are considered at risk and especially protected. About 75% or the territory is covered with woodlands, while the large plateaus are scattered in spring with several species of flowers and wonderful orchids.

Esemplare di ginepro
Ingrandisce foto Juniper tree

Between 1200 and 1800 metres there are magnificent beech woods, with some spruce-firs, yewtree, mountain maples and reforested pine woods. At a lower level it's possible to find oaks, hornbeams, flowering ash, maples, holm- oaks, hazel and chestnut trees which are well blended with the Mediterranean bush. In the glades clearings and in the high altitude pasture fields, at beginning of Summer, are beautiful flowerings of gentiants, primeroses, daffodils, lilies, violets.

The presence of various species of orchids, alone justifying a visit to the Park, is an extraordinary aspect for the area.


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