The "Festa dell'Inchinata"

It is one of the most moving of religious festivals which would seem to date back to the 1300's and is held every year on 14 and 15 August.
It is told that the apostles, having found themselves miraculously in Jerusalem at the death bed of the dyingVirgin, sawJesus take his mother's soul and "assume" it in heaven. The feast hinges upon this idea of encounter between mother and son.

Ingrandisce foto The "Festa dell'Inchinata"

Two processions of faithfuis, one coming from the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore with the painting of the Madonna delle Grazie and the other from the Cathedral with the Trittico del Salvatore, meet in Piazza Trento where the two effigies bow three times respectively, one in front of the other, and are then taken into the church where they remain all night.
The following day, after a parting bow, they are taken to where they came from.

In the procession, also the wooden statues of the patron saints of crafts are carried. The "Festa dell'Inchinata" is held in many other villages in the area.











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