Monte Livata - Ski resort

Mount Livata (1400 m.), also called "the Mountain of Rome", is a well-known holiday resort in the summer and skiing paradise in the winter, belonging to the regional natural park of Simbruini Mountains.
Located at the center of a rich landscape, Livata is only 70 km from Rome and 15 km from Subiaco. Monte Livata is reached from Subiaco through the panoramic road 44b; at your arrive there is the Park Visitor Center where you can request information about the area and find promotional material.
There are 7 skilift, with 13 runs of varied difficulty (six blue, five red and two black): at Campo dell'Osso there are two skilifts, more adapted for beginners, plus the skilift "Valletta" that communicates with Monte Livata ones. At Monna dell'Orso, instead, a double skilift with six tracks concurs of ski from December to April to beginners, experts and snowboard-men.

Monte Livata
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However the mountain is lend optimally for the cross-country ski. In fact there are a lot of routes for this sport which once hosted the National Championships of Italy. There are three accredited rings F.I.S.I. of 5, 10 and 15 km respective and one that leaves from Campo dell'Osso, arrives to the skilift of Monna dell'Orso, until going towards Field Minium, where there is the country road (in the winter season classified for the cross-country ski, in the summer for the trekking) that take to Mount Autore. Among the most classic ski-routes there is the crossing of Fosso Fioio (20 km.)

In the summer mount Livata offers the possibility of pleasant walks, horse riding, trekking and mountain bike on the spectacular and scenic ridges of the Monti Simbruini, characterized by its extensive beech forests.







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