The Infiorata and the religious procession of Madonna di Quintiliolo

The term "Infiorata" means "decorated with flowers". Infiorata is a tradition in many Italian towns when, during May and June, the streets are carpeted with amazing flowers designs. The oldest one was originated in Gerano, a village near Tivoli. The feast in Gerano, connected to the Christian celebration of Corpus Christi, dates back to around the 17th Century.

Infiorata di Tivoli
Ingrandisce foto Infiorata of Tivoli

In Tivoli, since 1993, on first Sunday of May, the inhabitants of "contrada Via Maggiore", cover the whole street with allegorical carpets of flowers and the religious procession of Madonna di Quintiliolo, led by the bishop of Tivoli, passes over them.

Saturday evening approximately twenty images generally representing the sacred Vergine or other subjects or simply outstanding geometric patterns, are created by local artists. Designs are sketched first in chalk and the lines marked with soil. Then comes the job of filling in the marvelous creations with flower petals, which are cut to a uniform size. Some tapestries also use entire petals and other greenery, making for more three-dimensional scenes.
The theme is decided from year to year.











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