The One hundred fountains avenue

The one hundred Fountains is one of the most beautiful, unforgettable and photographed places. It was chosen for the spot of different movie. It is a tree-lined avenue that joins the Fountain of Tivoli (or Ovato) to the Fountain of Rome (or Rometta). The fountain is structured on three plans in which the waters of three "rivers" slide symbolically. The rivers Albuneo, Aniene, Ercolaneo are the same rivers that "come down" from cliffs of the upper floor of the Fountain of the Ovato and then they meet in the Fountain of the Rometta symbolizing the Tevere.

Villa d'Este - The One hundred fountains avenue
Ingrandisce foto The One hundred fountains avenue

It is composed of one hundred fountains with the shape of lilies, eagles, obeliskes, small boats from which water comes out. The presence of lilies and eagles (these last ones added in the 1685 from Francesco II of Modena) is clearly connected with the coat of arms of the family of d'Este. The middle channel has 91 reliefs in terracotta, which reproduce scenes and episodes from the "Metamorphosis" of Ovid. A layer of moss, due to the strong humidity, covers a part of these relieves.

Also the flooring of the tree-lined avenue makes the place particularly elegant and artistic. In front of the one hundred fountains there are coloured flower-beds and green trees that give serenity and coolness to the visitor. Then, in the middle of the avenue the vegetation opens into a wonderful balcony from which the below Fountain of Dragons can be admired. It can be reached thanks to a double circular stairs.










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