The Ovate fountain (or Tivoli fountain)

The Fountain of Ovate , said also the Fountain of Tivoli, is called this way from 1567 because of its shape.
It is a semicircular exedra with a basin in the center which takes water from the top.
It has some statues representing heroes of the mythology which exalt the dynasty of d'Este and the greatness of Tivoli. It symbolically represents the falls of Tivoli while the cliffs of the upper part of the fountain represent the Tiburtin mountains. From these " mountains" three rivers come down: Aniene, Erculaneo and Albuneo. They are represented by three statues, as always in Villa of Este.

Ingrandisce foto The Ovate fountain

The Albuneo river is represented by the Sibilla Albunea with a child, Melicerte, son of the nymph Ino, who became Leucotea then assimilated to the Sibilla Tiburtina. The others two statues, beside this central statue, are placed into two artificial caves. The fountain was designed by Pirro Logorio, but actually it was realized by other artists like Curzio Maccarone, Giovanni Malanca, Giovanni Battista della Porta and Della Vellita.

It is placed at the end of the avenue of the One hundred Fountains, while at the beginning of it there is the fountain "La Rometta".
This one is another wonderful fountain placed there in order to correspond to the principle of symmetry or contrast of the parts (always respected in the Villa).

Ingrandisce foto The Ovate fountain

In fact, to a whatever artistic-decorative element, as for example a statue, a column, a fountain or a mythological figure, placed at the beginning of an avenue it corresponded another one at the opposite. So the avenue of the One hundred Fountains is delimited by the Fountain of Tivoli at one end and by the Fountain of Rome at the other one.

In this way, the falls of the river Aniene of Tivoli is opposed to the artistic beauties of Rome, as well as the natural drop of the river is opposed to the artistic greatness of the Roman monuments. Tivoli and Rome are therefore seen as rivals (actually the two cities have been fought several times) and they are represented as a Horse the first one and as a Lion the second one. It is interesting to remember that these two fighting animals had been already placed in the Fountain "Rometta" in 1607.







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