The city is completely divided in two parts. The first part is the historical and medieval center, located in the north-west side; the second one is the modern city, situated mainly around Garibaldi square reachable from Rome following Tiburtina Valeria street.


Travelling by train, you'll arrive to the railway station of Tivoli, situated along S.Agnese street, on the opposite side of the river where there is the most of the city.
From here you can walk along S.Agnese street and, at the crossing with Tiburtina Valeria street, go straight (Mazzini street). Following the artificial lake you'll arrive to the Gregorian bridge that is the entrance to the medieval center of Tivoli.
Otherwise, from the railway station you can cross the Aniene river running along the pedestrian Ponte della Pace. You'll be in Largo S.Giovanni (near the Hospital) and then in Trieste street, in the modern part of the city.

Ingrandisce foto Map of the city of Tivoli


If you travel by bus, the terminal station (for departures and arrivals) is in Saragat square. From here to the center, it's necessary to walk along Empolitana street in direction of the Hospital.
Coming from Rome, it's better to take off at some previous bus stops, such as that located near Nazioni Unite square close to Rocca Pia. From here in few minutes you can arrive in Garibaldi square.
The bus lines in direction of Rome have some bus stops inTrieste street, in Largo S.D'Acquisto, close to the Police Command, and in Garibaldi square, near the touristic office IAT.


Travelling by car, you'll arrive in Tivoli running along Tiburtina Valeria street or the A24 motorway (and for the ending part in Tiburtina Valeria street).
If you would like to visit Villa d'Este or the historical center, the most comfortable parking is situated in Matteotti square (close to Rocca Pia). Another parking is little more far, near the Hospital and the Ponte della Pace (bridge).
If you are going to Hadrian's Villa, you'll find a large parking close to the entrance of the villa (viceversa it's difficult to arrive there by bus).


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    An impressive complex of buildings which almost looks as if it is one with the surrounding rock...

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Patrocinio Comune di Tivoli

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