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The origins of Tivoli

There are many legends about the origins of Tibur (1215 a.C.). An ancient story, reported also in the Origins of Catone the Censor, tells that the city derives from a Greek colony, founded by Catillo of Arcadia. Catillo, son of the glorious Anfiarao (one of the Seven men against Tebe), landed in Italy... follows

The geographical position

Tivoli, the old "Tibur Superbum" as Virgilio called it, is in the western side of the Monti Sabini, small mountains in the East of Rome. It's 235 meters over the sea and it lays in a hill, for this reason Orazio called it "Tibur supinum". The geographical position makes the town a regular transit point, once the only one, to go from the Roman country to the Appennine and the Adriatic sea... follows

The weather

The summer is very hot. In July and August, Rome can be unliveble, while in the hills around Tivoli the weather is more windy. Usually the temperatures go over 35° C. This climate goes from the end of June to Semptember.
Spring and autumn are the best moments of the year. Anyway autumn is more rainy, above all in October abd November. In these seasons, the temperature reaches 20 or 25° C.
Winter is usually cold and windy with temperature around zero.











  • The Sacro Speco

    An impressive complex of buildings which almost looks as if it is one with the surrounding rock...

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  • Rocca Pia

    Built on the place where Callisto II Borgia's Castle was situated...

  • Church of St.Peter

    It was built on the rests of a roman villa...

Con il patrocinio del Comune di Tivoli, Assessorato al Turismo

Patrocinio Comune di Tivoli

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