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Tivoli is a city situated approximately 30 km from Rome and it's easy to reach it.
This page describes how to arrive in Rome. Then you will find information on how to arrive in Tivoli and hints on how to orient yourself.

By air
The most important airport is Fiumicino (it is about 70 km far from Tivoli), where the majority of national and international flights land.
There is also a little airport, Ciampino, about 40 km far from Tivoli. It is used above all by some national and international cheap flights.

The main Italian air companies are Alitalia (, AirOne ( and Meridiana (

By bus
There are many bus companies that connect Rome with all the other Italian and the main European cities.

The main place is Tiburtina railway station (where there is also a B metro stop).

By train
The train is for sure the mean of transport more comfortable. There are many links (some at high speed) with all the other Italian cities.
For more information see the site of Ferrovie dello Stato (

The most important railway stations are Termini (situated on the crossing of A and B metro) and Tiburtina.

By car or motocycle
The main motorway is the A1 Milan-Naples (that arrives until Reggio Calabria becoming A3) passing through Bologna and Florence. The A24 motorway connects Rome with Aquila and Pescara.
If you come from Puglia, you can take the A14 (Taranto-Bari), that passes through the Campania forward west (becoming A16) and joins to the A1 near Naples.
For more information see the site of Società Autostrade (

Motorway distances

Florence 298 km
Milan 592 km
Naples 180 km
Bari 402 km
Turin 694 km
Venice 543 km


Farmacia Tornaghi


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Con il patrocinio del Comune di Tivoli, Assessorato al Turismo

Patrocinio Comune di Tivoli

Assessorato al Turismo