Feasts and Entertainment


  • The Tiburtino Carnival takes place between 10th and 28th February. It is one of the most extraordinary in Latium, characterized by parades of floats and masked groups.


  • On 19th March, "Father's day", a day's handicraft-fair of ancient tradition occurs in Tivoli. It is dedicated to St.Joseph, patron of the carpenters.


  • The anniversary of the founding of Tivoli: it is a very important feast for the 3000-year town that from 5th to 30th Aprii rediscovers itself from an historical and artistic point of view.
    Art exhibitions, cultural and sports events, guided tours of the most important monuments take place.


  • On the first Sunday in May the sacred image of the Madonna of Quintiliolo is carried in procession in the streets of the Historical Centre as far as the Cathedral where it is left for three months to be venerated by the faithful.
    the inhabitants of "contrada Via Maggiore", cover the whole street with allegorical carpets of flowers (so called "Infiorata")


  • Jazz Festival: it takes place in the first ten days of July in the squares of the Historical Centre. It particularly relates to Mediterranean music with a prevailing presence of Italian artists and authors.


  • On 10th August the feast of St.Lawrence Martyr, the patron of Tivoli, is celebrated with a solemn mass and procession. In the two following days the feast is characterized by popular games, lotteries, music shows and dancing in the Street.
  • Inchinata: religious reasons are to be found in this feast of medieval
    tradition. It takes place on 14th and 15th August and recalls the meeting between the dying Christ and his Mother. The Virgin and Jesus greet each other with a bow after a solemn procession ending up in Piazza Trento.


  • The Pizzutello Festival (Sagra del Pizzutello): from 10th to 30th September Tivoli exalts its typical product, a grape of excellent quality.
    During the celebration of the "Settembre Tiburtino" many floats parade
    through the streets of the town and masked young people offer the visitors the delicious "uva corna" (horned grape). An art exhibition of a high-level characterizes, every year, the rich calendar of entertainments.


  • Christmas and New Year's concerts.
    A characteristic living natality scene takes place in the most charming and picturesque streets of the Medieval Historical Centre.


  • The Sacro Speco

    An impressive complex of buildings which almost looks as if it is one with the surrounding rock...

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  • Rocca Pia

    Built on the place where Callisto II Borgia's Castle was situated...

  • Church of St.Peter

    It was built on the rests of a roman villa...

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