The Borgo Castiglione castle

The Borgo Castiglione is located one km away from the town of Palombara Sabina on the top of a hill on the north west part of mount Gennaro. Nowaday you can still see the ancient walls (about 6-7 mts. high and only 60 cms, wide on their base) of this village which dominated the entire territory due to its location at a high altitude (750 meters).
According some people the Saracens took on position on this side of mount Gennaro and raised a line of defence here but probably its origin came from some people that built a "Castrum'' on the hill where there was the roman ruins provided with a cistern.

Castiglione o Palombara vecchia
Castiglione - first circular wall

Probably the castle was building in pure medieval style in the second half of the 13th century, over an area of 1200 square meters.
The castle has been mentioned the first time in a document of the year 1276 when it had been sold from Rinaldo di Palombara to Pope Honorius IV (Giacomo Savelli) of the Savelli family. The castle of Castiglione remained with the Savelli family until the mid 14th century.

Castiglione o Palombara vecchia
Castiglione - second circular wall

There had been a document dating back to the year 1427 which mentioned that the castle along with several other monuments and castles in the Monte Lucretti area had been abandoned due to an epidemic.
Inside the double circular walls there were also a Roman cistern and a little church.
Close the castle there was the San Martino hermitage dated back to the year 1000. The hermitage had existed till around the 17th century when it had been completely destroyed.


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