Goddess Nature fountain

Goddess Nature fountain, or fountain of the Abundance, is near the old income of the Villa situated on Via del Colle and exactly it is on the boundary wall which joins this income with the southern part of the residence. It is a travertine copy of the famous statue of Diana of Efeso. The work was commissioned by Ippolito II to the Flemish sculptor Gillis Van den Vliete to adorn the central niche of the Fountain of Nature later called the Fountain of the Organ by the new master and heir of the Villa, the Cardinal Alessandro d' Este.

Goddes Nature fountain
Ingrandisce foto Goddes Nature fountain

In 1611, he removed the statue for two reasons: firstly, to place in its place a little temple with a hydraulic organ and secondly because the Counter-Reformation condemned that kind of works of art.
It is also necessary to remember that Ippolito II, due to his love for archaeology, literally robbed lots of statues and old finds from Villa Adriana; also helped by the planner of the Villa, Pirro Ligorio.

So, in addition to this old statues, Ippolito II commisioned the realization of others to illustrious artists in order to adorn the corners of his house and his garden, following the symmetrical and classical plan of Ligorio. But, we don't know anything about lots of statues, once they were removed by Alessandro d'Este.










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