Ponte Lucano and Mausoleum of Plautii

At the distance of about two miles from Tivoli, in the Villa Adriana's district, there is the graceful five-arched bridge of Ponte Lucano (nowadays not all visible ones).
Built by the diumviro M. Plautius Lucanus in the the 1st century B.C.,the bridge served the road from Tivoli to Rome until the mid-20th century and remained in use for car traffic until just a few years ago.

Ingrandisce foto Ponte Lucano - Piranesi

At the extremity of the bridge is the mausoleum of the Plautian family, a circular tower in good proportion, resembling that one situated on the ancient Via Appia and dedicated to Cecilia Metella at Rome.
The mausoleum, externally covered from blocks of travertine, the "Tivoli stone", was realized in the 1st century B.C.,built by M.Plauzio Silvano, friend of Cesare Augusto and consul in the 2 b.C., as mentioned in the median frame of the cylindrical part .

Two long inscriptions are yet remaining, one of these says: "M. Plautius M. F. A. N. / Silvanus / cos. VII vir epulon., / huic senatus triumphalia / ornamenta decrevit / ob res in Ilyrico / bene gestas. / Lartia Cn. f. uxor. / A. Plautius M. F. / Urgulanius / vix. ann. IX." (Marcus Plautius Sylvanus, his wife Lartia and his son Aulus were buried in the mausoleum and that Marcus had been consul, septemvir of the Epulones and was honoured by the Senate with the triumphal ornaments for having conducted well the affairs of Illyricum.

Ingrandisce foto Ponte Lucano

The battlements, at the top of building, prove that it was used by Pope Paul II, for its strategic position, as a fortress during the Middle Ages.
Many landscape painters loved this place, among the others Giovan Battista Piranesi and E.R. Franz who dedicated one of thier etchings to Ponte Lucano and Mausoleum of Plautii.


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