The Bridge of St. Francesco

Before entering Subiaco you find on your right the ancient bridge of St Francesco.
The bridge was built in 1358 by the Prince-Abbot Ademaro to celebrate his victory over the troops of the Bishop of Tivoli.

The Sacro Speco
Ingrandisce foto The Bridge of St Francesco

As the bridge provided an easier access to Subiaco, Ademar thought better to protect it with a tower. The beautiful though roughly fashioned stonework is a fitting addition to the beauty of the countryside, while the simple monastery of S. Francesco is located on the other side of the river and it was built in 1327 on a previous oratory donated by the abbots to St. Francis, when he visited Subiaco.


  • The Sacro Speco

    An impressive complex of buildings which almost looks as if it is one with the surrounding rock...

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