The basilica of St Andrew and the other churches

The basilica of St Andrew

The basilica of St Andrew, constructed during the pontificate of Pope Pius VI who was abbot of the monastery for many years before his elevation to the papal chair.

The church of St Francesco

The simple monastery of S. Francesco is located on the other side of the river and it was built in 1327 on a previous oratory (the oratory of S. Pietro in the desert) which, approximately one century before, was donated by the Abbot of Santa Scholastica to St. Francesco, when he visited Subiaco.
Both the inside and the outside of the building are Franciscan simplicity: covered with a gable roof with wooden trusses, it has one nave with three chapels to the left of the entrance.
In the church there are notable paintings from the 15th and 16th centuries as a beautiful triptych by Antonazzo Romano, depicting the Virgin with Child, St. Francesco and St. Antonio from Padova.

The Sacro Speco
Ingrandisce foto The church of St Francesco

The other churches

In the medieval quarter, along narrow alleyways, in some places covered by beautifully fashioned arches, quaint old shops line the streets. The tiny church of the Madonna of the Cross with its 14th century frescoes, the little square of Pietra Specata and the church of St Peter, built next to the dignified Romanesque campanile, afford a mysterious beauty to the town.

The small church of St Lorenzo stands on the site where the earliest dwellings were discovered truly, picturesque views confront you around every corner, views, unchanged through the centuries.


  • The Sacro Speco

    An impressive complex of buildings which almost looks as if it is one with the surrounding rock...

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