Grape Festival and Doughnut Festival

Grape Festival

The Grape Festival (Sagra dell'uva) is ancient festival very famous in the world because, for about one hour, some of the city's fountains spill wine instead of water (more than 5,000 litres), recalling the memory of the old vintage and the historical event of the return victorious to Marino of Marcantonio Colonna with 260 "Marinesi" from the Battle of Lepanto (7 October 1571), when the Christian forces of Europe defeated the Ottoman Turks.
The Festival is held every 1st Sunday of October.

Fountain of the Four Moors
Ingrandisce foto Fountain of the Four Moors

Apart from the highlight event of free-flowing wine, the festival includes a street procession (during which a massive 18th-century statue of the Madonna of the Rosary is carried through the town centre), display of period costumes, music and many other festivities for all week end.
The festival is celebrated since1925 thanks to idea of a local poet named Leone Ciprelli and it has grown in fame and extravagance over the years to the point that over 100,000 people crowd its ancient streets on Sunday (the Sagra's main day).

Doughnut Festival

On the following Sunday (the 2nd Sunday of October) there is another festival: the Doughnut Festival (Sagra della Ciambella al mosto). The doughnut (ring-shaped cake) made with flour, grape skins, raisins and other residue from the grape pressing, is a typical product, a "marinese" cake, of limited production, only in the time of the grape harvest. The traditional recipe dates back to 17th century.
They are eaten as a dessert along with a good glass of wine.


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