History of Tivoli

There are many legends about the origins of Tibur (1215 a.C.). An ancient story, reported also in the Origins of Catone the Censor, tells that the city derives from a Greek colony, founded by Catillo of Arcadia. He had three sons: Tiburto, Corace and Catillo. They drove out the Sicilian people, who had constituted the first inhabited nucleus in the zone of the plateau of the Aniene. So they gave to the city the name of Tibur, from the name of older of them.


Illustrious tiburtine people

People of Tivoli
  • Pope St. Simplicius
  • Pope Jhon IX (elected in 897)
  • Igino Giordani (founder of the Focolare Movement)
  • Emilio Segrč (Nobel Prize in physics)
  • Francesco Mannelli (composer, musician and master singer XVII century)
Stemma di Tivoli

In 1826 a catastrophic flood of the Aniene river seriously damaged the residential area in Tivoli. In order to solve this problem it was necessary to divert the course of the river: two tunnels were created through a tunnel in the Monte Catillo, to give an outlet to the waters of the Aniene sufficient to preserve the city from inundations. The waters of the river, directed to flow into the tunnels, formed the Great Waterfall which cascades down a hundred-metre drop into Villa Gregoriana.


  • The Sacro Speco

    An impressive complex of buildings which almost looks as if it is one with the surrounding rock...

To know more

  • Rocca Pia

    Built on the place where Callisto II Borgia's Castle was situated...

  • Church of St.Peter

    It was built on the rests of a roman villa...

Con il patrocinio del Comune di Tivoli, Assessorato al Turismo

Patrocinio Comune di Tivoli

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