Gastronomy and typical products of Tivoli and surroundings

Roman cuisine occupies one of the uppermost places among regional cuisines and mainly owes its popularity to the genuineness of the fruits of the earth. First among these are its wines, olive oils and cheeses.

L'olio d'oliva

Typical cheeses

Cheeses typical of the Province of Rome are totally or partially derived from sheep's milk. The most famous are the "Pecorino Romano", the "caciotta" (a soft cheese), the Roman ricotta and hard, sharp cheese (canestrato). Don't lose in June the "Festival della Ricotta" in the village of Capranica Prenestina.

Pear "Spadona" of Castel Madama

Castel Madama

This variety elongated of pear summer is a typical fruit of the town of Castel Madama. The elongated fruit is so called for his bell-shaped form, with a light green skin, streaked with red-brown nuances. The pulp is white, delicate, mildly sweet and slight acidulous.
Do not miss the the "Festival of Pera Spadona", held every year in Castel Madama in the third week of July.

Pizzutello: the grape of Tivoli

Tivoli is famous for a peculiar sort of grape, a white oval- shaped variety unique to Tivoli, called Pizzutello. It's a table grape of high quality and excellent sweet taste. Do not miss the second week-end of September, the famous "Festival of Pizzutello" of Tivoli, party enlivened by parades, folk dances, songs and exhibitions, that has been celebrated annually since 1845.

Bread of Vicovaro: the "pagnotta"

The "pagnotta" of Vicovaro (a village near Tivoli) is a typical Round loaf bread, with two or more cuts on the crust, became famous after the war. It's produced with wheat flour double zero, water, natural yeast and salt. and cooked in wood ovens, using only wooden broom as true tradition of the place.

Cherries "Ravenna" of Palombara Sabina

The cherry "Ravenna" is a typical fruit of the town of Palombara Sabina where the countryside is covered by olive and cherry trees. The fruit is round in shape and the colour of the flesh is pink tending to vinous. The flavour is excellent, sweet, persistent and texture is coarse.
Do not miss the first or second Sunday in June, the famous "Festival of Cerase" of Palombara Sabina, party enlivened by parades, folk dances, songs and exhibitions.


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