This section, divided in three main parts, offers some useful information to help in the arriving and staying in Tivoli.

General news

There is brief introduction about the origins, the geographical position and the weather of Tivoli.

Ingrandisce foto Ponte della Pace

Useful information

Using this information, you can plan and live a nice trip in Tivoli (hints of routes, touristic office, etc.).
There are also information about the sanitary services and the pharmaceutical presence, the accomodation, the phone numbers of emergency,etc.

The travel

There are hints on how to arrive and how to orient oneself in the city.












  • The Sacro Speco

    An impressive complex of buildings which almost looks as if it is one with the surrounding rock...

To know more

  • Rocca Pia

    Built on the place where Callisto II Borgia's Castle was situated...

  • Church of St.Peter

    It was built on the rests of a roman villa...

Con il patrocinio del Comune di Tivoli, Assessorato al Turismo

Patrocinio Comune di Tivoli

Assessorato al Turismo