Red route

Duration: 1h
Departure: Piazza Garibaldi, in front of Bar Arist.
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You can leave the bar towards the stalls which sell tourist souvenirs, and travelling via Borselli you can arrive in piazza Trento. Here there is S.Maria Maggiore church, erected on the ruins of Crispo Sallustio's roman residence by Simplicio Pope (468-483), who dedicated it to the virgin Mary and placed in this church a picture of her that still today is on the high altar.

Ingrandisce foto Church of S.Maria Maggiore

On its right is placed the entrance to visit Villa d'Este. At the back of the church, travelling the external walls of Villa d'Este, you can turn into via Edoardo Tani. At the end of the narrow alley you arrive in via della Missione, than you can turn to left and go down as far as piazza dell'Annunziata, that take its name from the homonymous church, now deconsecrated.
The church , built on the ruins of Metello's residence by the Annunziata confraternity at the end of 1729, was assigned by the bishop Pezzancheri to the missionary fathers of S.Vincenzo de Paolis (from here the name via della Missione).

They demolished the old building and built the current church and the nice big house called della Missione where later was accepted a reformatory.
On the left of the church, a long and nice stairway goes down: it takes to one of the most beautiful places of the historic city centre, piazza Campitelli .

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Here in the past there was the centre of a big zone which enclosed also Annunziata church and part of Villa d'Este, on which there was the residence of Publio Cornelio Scipione Nasica, for adoption called Quinto Cecilio Metello Pio Scipione. This Villa rided out of boundary walls: for this reason the zone was called campus Metelli, from which the correction in Campitelli.
On the left of the stairway you can meet again the boundary walls of Villa d'Este, with a gate of entry, but the romanic church of San Pietro alla Carità draws the attention here. The church, at the beginning included in the boundary walls, according to the plane of the cardinal Ippolito d'Este, had to be demolished. Going on with our walking, you can come downstairs of via Campitelli, one of the most typical way of Tivoli, surrounded by late medieval houses.

At the civic number 27 there is a palace probably of the Estense zone: in fact in the yard you can admire a beautiful fountain with mosaics, unfortunately not well preserved, as its beauty demands. A few metres down we can reach the gorgeous gotical house, unique for its purity of style and enriched by stylistic elements like the profferlo (external stair with arch underneath) and battlements supported by small marble corbels.

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