Gastronomy and typical products

The town offers simple and genuine products deriving from the typical Roman cooking and a number of famous dishes such as: fettuccine, cannelloni, ravioli, rigatoni with pagliata, bucatini, sagne made with spelt, gnocchi with lamb ragout, trout of the Aniene, lamb "alla cacciatora", tripe "alla romana", chicken with peppers, fried artichokes and alla "giudia" (jewish way).

Ingrandisce foto Typical products

All these dishes are seasoned with an excellent virgin olive-oil obtained from the centuries-old olive-trees.
The famous red wine Cesanese, produced in the upper valley of the Aniene, and the excellent white wine of the Castelli Romani are good accompaniments to the dishes. A very good digestive is the Amaretto of Tivoli. The traditional sweets include: the Pizza Cresciuta, risen as bread, the Nociata, the Pangiallo and the biscuits with honey.

Amongst the scents of sage, spearmint, rosemary and basil which spread in the market of Piazza Plebiscito, in September one can enjoy the "Pizzutello", a quality of grape well-known for the annual celebration of the "Settembre Tiburtino".










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