Typical Wines of Tivoli and surroundings

Frascati DOC

The Frascati DOC is the most famous wines of Lazio and one of the most prized by the Romans. Goethe called it "paradise."
It'is produced in the town of Frascati with grapes from vineyards Malvasia Bianca di Candia (30%) and Trebbiano Toscano (30%), Greco (10%), other grape varieties (max 10%).
It is a full-bodied wine, soft fine and smooth, charactrerized by an aroma with a distinctive, intense and fruity, with a delicate fragrance of a slight flower scent, excellent with appetizers, starters and main courses with fish or white meat. Frascati has a more or less intense straw yellow color.
Various different types of Frascati are produced: "sec," "asciutto," "amabile" and "canellino" (sweet). A "superiore" type is also produced.

Cantina di vini
Ingrandisce foto Wine cellar

Cesanese of Olevano Romano DOC

The Olevano Romano Cesanese is produced in the Arcinazzo hills, in particular in Olevano Romano village.
The Cesanese of Olevano Romano is produced almost entirely with grapes from vineyards Cesanese of Affile (a local clone of Cesanese Comune), some grape varieties (max 10%). It's a soft wine and slightly tangy, ruby red which gets maroon after ageing, with a delicate bouquet and characteristic of the grape base.
It can be dry, semi-sweet (for white sauces and roasted poultry) or sweet (for desserts and fruit tarts) according to the type of wine.

White Genazzano Doc

It's obtained from a combination of Malvasia di Candia, Bellone and Bombino grapes and other grapes. It's characterizeb by a colour from straw yellow to gold with attractive greenish highlights.
The wine is fruity, lively, fresh, harmonious, sometimes sweet, with greenish hues and fragrance more or less delicate fruity. Excellent with seafood, light appetizers and some preparations typical local cuisine, like the tasty "gnocchi tail." The joint production are: Genazzano, Olevano Romano, San Vito Romano and Cave.

Red Genazzano Doc

Produced with Sangiovese grapes, Cesanese (small portion) and other red grape variety grown here, wine is a lively, fresh, sometimes lovable, with a tonality of ruby red bright. It's characterized by a flavour with medium intensity and winy, fruit notes, fragrant, fresh, delicate and slightly sweet as well.
It's an excellent wine with all meals.
Its vineyards are found in Prenestini Mountain, in particular at Genazzano, Olevano Romano, San Vito Romano and Cave.

Il vino
Wine grapes

Marino DOC

Produced with grapes from vineyards Malvasia Bianca di Candia, Trebbiano (Toscano, Yellow, Romagnolo, Soave), Malvasia del Lazio, other grape varieties (maximum 10% except Moscow), is a dry wine or sweet, mellow and distinctive, very balanced. It ranges from a straw yellow to deep gold color if the wine is made with grape skin.
It's a flavor vinous, delicate, with hints of fruit and flowers and a slight apple aftertaste. Some people regarded Marino DOC as a "copy" of the more famous Frascati DOC but in reality, thanks to the different climatic conditions, Marino DOC is a more vigorous wine with a bigger body and greater intensity than its nearby "cousin" Frascati.
Marino DOC is ideal with the more savory dishes of South Pontino and Roman cuisine, including artichokes.
Its vineyards are found at Marino and Castel Gandolfo.

Zagarolo DOC

Zagorolo DOC is a typical white wine of the Castelli Romani, produced with grapes from vineyards Malvasia Bianca di Candia, Trebbiano Toscano (green and yellow), Bellone and Bonvino (max 10%).
It's a wine-tasting soft and sweet, caractherized by a straw-yellow color. It's a flavor vinous, more or less strong, and delicate fragrance, with hints of 'golden' apple and lemon perfume.
Ideal with seafood in general but it is very flexible and goes with most food.
Its vineyards are found in two areas around the villages of Gallicano and Zagarolo.


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