Typical products of Frascati

Frascati is a town famous for its good eating places: the pleasure of dining is surely at first place.
Typical cuisine is very similar to the Roman cuisine, and in particular to country-style cooking. Typical dishes are mainly pulse-based and with entrails, bread and earthy products.
Besides the very ancient tradition of the excellent Castelli Romani oil and the fragrant bread, let us remind you of the horse meat sticks, the Roman corallina, the porchetta, the roman mortadella, the Nemi strawberries, the cooked salami, the "pupazze frascatane", the bride's biscuits.

La porchetta
Ingrandisce foto The "porchetta"

However the most famous products are the Frascati wine and the "porchetta".
The Frascati wine is known throughout the world and is produced in the communal territories of Frascati, Grottaferrata and Monte Porzio Catone. The district is the "agro tuscolano" or countryside of the ancient, pre-Roman city of Tusculum, on the Alban Hills. Frascati is made from Trebbiano, Greco and Malvasia grapes and has Denominazione di Origine Controllata (DOC) status.

The "porchetta" a speciality of the region: whole spit roast pork. The pig is roasted whole, possibly over wood, and is heavily salted in addition to being stuffed with garlic, rosemary, fennel, and other herbs.
Renowned are also the "Pupazze", pastry cakes with honey having the shape of woman with three breasts, with reference to ancient rituals of fertility.

Il Frascati DOC
Ingrandisce foto The wine Frascati DOC

Many places around the town will have most of a pig sitting in a cabinet, usually served by carving a few slices and placing them between pieces of rustic white bread.
The better places where taste those typical products are the "cantine" or "fraschette", essentially places where you can buy and drink wine, and can bring your own food.

These little "restaurants" are very picturesque to visit; during summer nights the "fraschette" put their tables outside on the paved roads and it seems like the whole town sits on these benches drinking, talking and laughing beneath the stars. On such nights it's easy to see why they choose to live in this small but vibrant town.


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