PDO Sabina extra virgin olive oil

The Sabina extra virgin olive oil is the first PDO oil in Italy since 1996.
The century-old tradition in the cultivation of olives is based on the mild climate, normally temperate, and the calcareous soil of the hills.
Moreover olive growing is also favoured by hilly slopes and southern exposure, as well as altimetry, ranging from 200 metres in the Lower Sabina to 500 metres in the Upper Sabina. The colour is golden yellow, with green tints in younger oils. The aroma is fruity and the flavour is fruity, velvety, uniform, aromatic, and slightly pungent.

L'olio d'oliva
Palombara Sabina

The most important factor influencing the quality of this oil, characterised by a low acidity, is the cultivar portfolio, with several varieties finding in Sabina their ideal growing conditions.
There are strict requirements to ensure respect for good quality, the origin and authenticity.

In fact the PDO Sabina product disciplinary allows the employment of seven selected cultivated varieties (Carboncella, Leccino, Raja, Pendolino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Olivastrone, Salviana, Olivago, and Rosciola) for minimum 75%. Other cultivars can be used up to 25%. In the extraction stage only mechanical and physical methods can be applied, so as to preserve the original characteristics of the olives.
The Sabina oil can be producted only in 11 municipalities in the province of Rome (among which Palombara Sabina and Marcellina) and 32 municipalities in the province of Rieti.


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