The fauna of Lucretili Mountains

The fauna of the park is very interesting; the whole Park's territory corresponds to a couple of golden eagles' hunting zone. Moreover, inside the protected area, have found shelter other rare species like the common quail and the marten that is in the inner mature woods.
The fauna includes the golden eagle (nest-building), sparrow-hawk, peregrine falcon, honey buzzard, black kite, wild cat, wild boar, badger, weasel, fox, hare and dormouse.

Esemplare di cinghiale
Wild boar

Like the vegetal landscape, also the fauna has considerably suffered the human presence, both through hunting and millenary transformation activities involving the environment. Despite it, the protected area preserves elements of great interest in its several environments.

The river streams are the perfect habitat for species such as the spectacled salamander, the fire-bellied toad with yellow abdomen and the dipper. Among the predators, the wolf occasionally haunts the area, when it goes as far as the rises near the plains, and the wild cat. Recently, a specimen of marscan bear has been sighted. In the scrub also live populations of porcupines and badges, while in a few woods it's possible to see even some squirrels.









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