Tivoli: a stylish resort town just a short drive from Rome

Known for its exotic villas, Tivoli is a spectacular ancient resort town with ornate gardens, and beautiful fountains and waterfalls. This place was a residential town for the Romans and is just 20 miles away from Rome. It is now an extremely popular tourist destination and boasts of two UNESCO World Heritage sites, along with other scenic landmarks and temples, and several falls of the Aniene River.
The major highlights of this impeccably beautiful, yet quiet, town are:
Villa Adriana. For those who love history and anything antique would love to keep aside a full day to visit this famous villa, which was listed in the World Heritage list in 1999. It is also known as Hadrian's Villa, as it was the emperor who built this countryside abode, which is an opulent and elaborate summer villa that resembles a small town. It has been built on a massive complex and has several homes, baths, temples, gardens and fountains. There are even some underground tunnels in the villa that were used by the servants of the emperor.

Ingrandisce foto Villa d'Este

Villa D'Este. Built in 1550s over a Benedictine convent, this villa was intended for elaborate entertainment and has lavish reception rooms. It is the villa's magnificent garden, though, that is the centre of attraction. Almost the entire gardens are composed of exclusive fountains and other water features of every description. The villa was added to the World Heritage Sites in 2001.
Villa Gregoriana. Another impressive villa known for its natural splendours, this villa is primarily a wooded ravine where tourists follow a footpath past the caves, ruins and waterfalls. The villa has an entrance on both the sides of the ravine, while there are several other paths that lead visitors to other sights and viewpoints. One of the most breathtaking views can be seen from the Great Cascade which can be reached through a narrow path that has numerous steps.

Temple of Vesta and Sybil. Situated above the valley of Villa Gregoriana, the temple of Vesta is just about ten minutes from Villa D'Este. There's a ruined square structure next to this temple that is believed to be the temple of Sybil. There is also a nice and quiet restaurant around the temples that provide the perfect backdrop for a quiet and serene meal.

There are plenty of picnic destinations in Tivoli, along with several restaurants.
There is a railway line connecting Rome to Tivoli, while one can take a shuttle bus to reach the town centre. If one is planning a vacation to Rome, it is best to compare prices and get the best flight deals. Rome is certainly an exotic destination; make sure that you take advantage in searching online for cheap flights to Rome.














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